Friday, February 01, 2013


I am going to be switching up my meds soon: could be good or could be bad. I hope for the good. This has started out as a strange year and is only the beginning of February. Ok so I could feel myself going down around Christmas, but I fell hard. I was back to the thoughts of death - my life going along blindly with no direction, my lack of friends... Thoughts that were for the most part irrational.

Anyway, I have come to the conclusion that there are a couple of reasons that one of the side effects of many antidepressants is weight gain because: you get more depressed and therefor need more treatment/drugs, and you need to start looking at alternative weight management programs. It all feeds back into the economy.

No I am not into conspiracy theories; I know that there is no truth to what I wrote. It just bugs me that the weight gain is one more thing to be depressed about. You almost wonder what the point is. I also lost over 11lbs, and I have no desire to put them back on.

Keep well, keep warm, and keep safe.

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