Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Technical Difficulties - Sorry

Because having a big hole in my ceiling isn't enough, all day my site has been displaying very oddly. The sidebar seemed to have somehow gotten shifted to the bottom. Plus my titles for each post seem to come and go. I still can't seem to ping. And I'm sure there are other minor problems that I still haven't noticed.

I went to play around with my template and somehow messed everything up. If I had been thinking I would have saved the old template before doing anything. Then I could have simply cut and past my links.

I totally forget how to create categories and scrolling boxes.

I will be re-adding all of my links soon.

Thanks for your patience.


Pamela said...

Your sidebar look great now. I had the exact same thing happen a week or two ago. It looked fine from my computer but other blogger would tell me it was all laying on the bottom of my page.

Your's does look perfect! :)

Holly said...

You're so making me appreciate my husband who deals with all this for me! On a brighter note - I got my collapsible (sp?) blogroll done today and you're on it! ;o) It's more than just finding and liking your blog too - I'm an adoptive mom of two miracles and some of their birthparent families deal with the same depression issues you blog about. I think you rock!

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