Monday, October 30, 2006

Doodles needed a Mental Health Day

The yard is almost all decorated, a few final touches tomorrow and the house from the pumpkins we carved. It’s such a wonderful time of year.

I stayed up late last night (well, not that late for me 1:00ish) and managed to get my second assignment done. I have two weeks to get assignment three done. It will be a lot of work, but it is better than withdrawing from the course.

Poor Doodles was home “sick” today. I think more than anything he was tiered and just needed a bit of a break. He seemed miraculously better at the end of the day. You know what though, he doesn’t do it all the time, so every once in awhile won’t hurt him. I mean as adults we get to choose when we want to call in sick or take a vacation day. Kids don’t have that luxury.

Mr. Magoo was really good about it. I was very proud of him. In the past he would have pretended to be sick too. I had a great talk with his afternoon teacher. I am very lucky that my boys go to such a good school.

I still have a bad head cold. The light cough, lovely stuffed nose and sore throat. I’m also tiered, but I think that has more to do with how much stuff I’ve been trying to do.

A few people asked about my medication. I take 300MG of Wellbutrin XL in the morning, which I’ve been on for a number of years now. I just added 10MG of Ran-Citalopram. I was told to up after a week. Last night was a better night. The trip didn’t seem as intense and it didn’t last as long. Maybe I’m just getting used to the flashing lights. Now I feel itchy everywhere. I’m thinking that I may have to switch. My doctor told me to give it a week though, so I will try. I was also given 7.5MG of Ran-Zopickone to take as needed to help me sleep. So far I’ve only used it once.

I’ve also noticed that I have stated to retain water again. Why is it that antidepressants make people gain weight? I’ve never understood that one. I mean like we need to worry about our weight on top of everything else.

Thank you to everyone for all your comments. I love reading your stories. I also appreciate your wishes. Sorry that I have been so bad about responding. I guess it's taking me longer to find my way up than I want to admit.

Anyway, I have to cut this post short. Things were going too smoothly today so my sewing machine has decided to start acting up. I barely have anything left on my costume. It is so frustrating. I can’t wait until tomorrow. I think is the best job I’ve done on a costume yet. Well, provide my machine lets me finish it.

Tomorrow is a very busy day, so I may not have time to post. I promise I will try, but as you know I am a Halloween Freak.


Anonymous said...

Have you tried Wellbutrin? I actually lost weight taking it. Hope you feel better soon.

Star said...

Antidepressants cause weight gain because they affect the body's metabolism and/or appetite. It sucks.

lilfeathers2000 said...

Enjoy a Safe and Happy Halloween!

Michelle said...

I think it's ok to play hooky every once in awhile! I bet he enjoyed the extra time at home with you! Hope you're feeling better!

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